About Us

Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy was established in 2004 to offer our community a well-rounded, private health and wellness facility. As one of Rhode Island’s elite Personal Training, Group Fitness & Massage Therapy studio, we offer comprehensive, individualized wellness programs that guarantee best results. Our personal trainers hold a minimum of a 4-year University degree in Health, Exercise Science or Nutrition. All staff members have been certification specialists and worked for internationally known organizations such as ACSM (American College of Medicine) and AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) to train, mentor and certify other Personal Trainers.

Our Mission:

“to provide the highest standard of personal service to our clients with the goal to improve their health, fitness and overall well-being by following latest scientifically proven guidelines. These services shall include professional supervision in a clean and private environment and shall address each client’s unique and individual needs.”