Jennifer S. (2016)

“Their credentials are what made me call. Their support, expertise and friendships are what have made me stay. I’ve tried for many years to find a successful way to lose weight and get in shape. I’m not one of those people who enjoy sweating; it requires too much hard work. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years and I am so grateful.” (Jennifer lost 34 lbs. in 12 months)


Ann O. (2016)

“Terrific trainers, great facility, personalized instruction. I am most impressed with Tom and Claudia’s extensive training and their constant encouragement. I like the atmosphere, the programs, and the people.  I particularly appreciated the exercise program Tom developed for me to regain strength in a leg weakened by sciatica.”


Pamela S. (2016)

“I couldn’t have done it without Tom and Claudia! They pushed, supported and coached me and ultimately helped me achieve my goal.” (Pamela lost 46 lbs. within 7 months)



Erin M. (2016)

“Claudia and Tom have completely changed my outlook on fitness and showed me that, when given the correct tools, you really can overcome any personal obstacles in the way of your fitness goal.  They are both so motivating and really do what they can to make it FUN! They want you to succeed, no matter what your goals are, and will do whatever they can to help get you there. I would recommend anyone looking for some great, personal and UNIQUE FITNESS to give Claudia and Tom a call!”



Brenda W. (2017)

“Thank you Tom for your unique gift of motivation and guiding me to get the first 50 lbs. off! Couldn’t have done it without you!” (Brenda lost 50 lbs. within 6 months)



Ben L. (older)

“Tom and Claudia helped me drop close to 20 pounds in just a couple of months, and made my surgery and recovery go far better and faster than otherwise. My experience at Unique Fitness has led me to recommend them to any number of friends, and to my doctors as well, should they need to refer their patients to someone who will get the job done.” (Ben lost 37 lbs. within 11 months)


Sue C. (older)

“I didn’t have the knowledge, motivation, or perseverance to get myself in shape. That (and the unusually high blood pressure and headaches and fatigue) led me to Google to search for a personal trainer. Stumbling on Unique Fitness in my search was nothing short of miraculous – I thought “These people can spell! And they won’t try to sell me protein bars!” The supportive, positive environment fostered by Tom and Claudia is fantastic.”

Kim M. (older)

“In the short time that I have been a client of Unique Fitness, I have lost about 80 pounds, but more importantly, my fitness level has improved greatly and my back and shoulder pain is almost non existent.  Tom & Claudia are true experts in both nutrition and fitness- if you follow their instructions and work hard, you will see results.”